Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Man Behind Santino Bros Wrestling Academy

The Santino Bros Wrestling Academy since it’s opening in January 2008 has pride itself as the elite Professional Wrestling School in Southern California.  The Santino Bros Wrestling Academy has wide diversity of dedicated trainers ready to instruct the next generation of wrestling superstars.  The Santino Bros Wrestling Academy is a place where students learn various styles of Professional Wrestling and Sports Entertainment. 

The one person in charge of making sure students learn not only the ability to compete inside the wrestling ring but also learn the ins and outs of the professional wrestling industry is Santino Bros Wrestling Academy Head Trainer Joey Kaos.
Joey Kaos been competing in the wrestling industry for over 15 years debuting with Xtreme Pro Wrestling under the ring name Munoz. Joey Kaos famously held the XPW Television Championship for 18 months becoming the longest reigning champion in company history. Joey partner with El Mongol to former the Fighting Santino Bros, which seen both men wearing black masks.  Joey Koas eventually went on and competed for various other wrestling organizations such as Combat Zone Wrestling, Wrestling Society X, World Wrestling Entertainment (appeared on RAW in a losing effort against Gene Snitsky) and NWA Hollywood.  Joey Kaos during his stint in NWA Hollywood challenge Joey Ryan for NWA World Heavyweight Championship and feud with Willie Mack, afterward Joey Kaos focus and involve with the production side of NWA Championship Wrestling becoming a writer/producer.

Joey Kaos has develop an amazing professional wrestling career. I had the honor of interviewing Santino Bros Wrestling Academy Founder/Head Trainer Joey Kaos several days ago here’s the following questions and responses.

1). Joey, what inspired you to create The Santino Bro Wrestling Academy?
The Death of my best friend Darren Dynamite D McMillan. On his death bed he said " got to keep the dream alive" I've taken that literal and dedicated the School to him. His banner hangs in the middle of the Dojo. He's our Guardian Angel.  Hugged his Mom and Dad and left. (This is incredibly hard to write without crying my eyes out.) I feel that's all I can do now, Keep the Dream Alive. That's what I plan on doing. We move forward in Darren's honor, we teach them as he taught us. We will look out for them, as you looked out for us. We will polish them, as he took the time to polish me. He taught me about the old school and how I should respect it. He told corny jokes, and I loved them, the only man I know who can kick a ruebix cubes ass! I miss him very much. I'll see you again, and we'll lace'em up one more time together.

2). Joey can you please describe your time with your former Tag Team Partner El Mongol and also your most memorable moment as part of The Santino Bros.
Most memorable moment as the Santino Bros (behind the scene) was being the last wrestling group to book the Grand Olympic Auditorium. The Santino Bros were the 1st ever team to face the world famous Young Bucks Our feud with Mexico's Most wanted Damien 666 and Halloween really brought out the toughness in us. 

3). Joey, the Santino Bros Wrestling Academy develop a reputation for really bring the pain. What type of wrestling style is being taught @ Santino Brothers Wrestling Academy?
American Strong Style Lucha Libre. We're a hybrid of a lot of things. But that best describes us. Most important is teaching respect and tradition

4). Please explain what makes The Santino Bros Wrestling Academy different from any other wrestling academy in North America?
Not sure. I don't attend any other school. Nor have I ever attended a wrestling school. But I can tell you we were one of if not the 1st school to produce videos and post our training regimes online. Show the people what we're doing and let them decide for themselves if this is something they'd like to purse with SBWA. My 2 promises, I'll teach you how to wrestle and I won't bullshit you.      

5). Joey has The Santino Bros Wrestling Academy ever been visited and/or contacted by WWE/TNA Recruiters concerning your Wrestling Academy Students?
Yes we have. We've had a number of tryouts with WWE no official signees. Although Kendra Smith NXT announcer/wrestler got her initial training at SBWA and nailed a scheduled tryout with the tools we taught her. I teach my students that their careers are their responsibility and they have to be "Go getters" and hit the pavement and stay busy.     

6). Joey can you briefly explain the different Santino Bros Wrestling Academy Categories such as: Ballard Bros Kayfabe College, Santino Bros Wrestling, Los Luchas Training and Santino Bros Fight Team.
We hold Tuesday night training with Los Luchas form NWA Tag Team Champions, they bring an authentic Lucha Libre class to SBWA every week. Ballard’s class has taken a leave of absence but we look forward to working once again with Shannon Ballard. Our Fight team division really never got started. 

7). How does a person apply for The Santino Bros Wrestling Academy and explain the Tuition Cost?
We hold orientations on Monday night at 8pm. You can call to schedule an appointment. 323.896.3017.  You'd come down, meet the instructors, see some exercises and drills that are expected and then decide if this is something you'd like to do with us. There's a onetime enrollment fee of $200 (includes your first class) then it's just $25 per session thereafter. Beginner’s class is 20 sessions. The entire course is 60 session (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) 

8). Does Santino Bros Wrestling Academy have any upcoming events for the months of November? 
We hold a showcase every Thursday night at our dojo. But we'll be off Thanksgiving this year.  Our biggest show of the year is October 31st. Night of the Human Death Match.

9). How does young inspiring athlete contact Santino Bros Wrestling Academy?
You can email us at 
Call or text 323.896.3017
Write: Santino Bros. Wrestling 
5640 Shull St. Unit S.
Bell Gardens, CA. 90201
Twitter: @SantinoBros